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Exam result..Support you child

Students, parent and teachers… Getting exam results can be a worrying time. It may seem like the whole future depends on what one gets. It’s important to remember that exam results are just the start of future career and there are lots of options if one didn’t get the grades he/she wanted. Remember that exam […]

Posted by Makro Foundation at October 23, 2018
Labels: Exam Stress

Orientation session on Anger Management at Makro training hall

Anger Management Session Learn to control your anger before it controls you Saturday, 30th May 2015, 2:30 pm-4:30 pm Venue: Makro Foundation, Makro Tower,1-65/2/256,Kavury Hills, Hyderabad -50008,Telengana Is near and dear ones anger affecting your personal as well as professional relations…Are you finding difficult to cope with—then this introductory session is for you.. The objective […]

Posted by Makro Foundation at May 13, 2015


Today the thought that came to my mind is Greedy. Greed is like a dark side of every man, and you could not see it from the appearance of a man, but in the inside the greedy instinct tries dominating you–Steven Eric Chen. Greediness is an intense strong or excessive desire for wealth or possession, […]

Posted by Makro Foundation at April 09, 2015


In our life we all need encouragement whenever we feel low or things don’t go as we plan, get rejected by someone we cared for, feeling low from the ups and downs of journey called life, remember life can just turn anytime. All it takes is to keep going forward, even when it feels like […]

Posted by Makro Foundation at April 09, 2015