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Wed 07.04.2010
09:00 to 10:30
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On the Occasion of World Health Day on 7th April 2010 Makro Foundation organised a session on Stress Management for the under previledged children of High School.

The session was conducted by Dr. Niranjan Reddy -Clinical Psychologist

The session started with a round of Introduction and of Guests- by facilitator of the program.  Followed by an Introduction about Makro Foundation-its goal and objectives by Ms. Aparna G. Adhikari- Operations Manager Makro Foundation.

Session II: Session on Stress Management   -- One step towards prevention of stress.

At first the students were divided into 5 groups of 10 each and they were asked to deliberate on leadership-idea, who is a leader according to them. After the group presentation the Resource Person summarized the presentations and defined and presented the topic of leadership through the power point presentation and lots of examples of practical situations and handouts.
· What is Stress?
· How to identify stress
· Symptoms of Stress
· Tips to manage stress

Session III: Open House-Lots of case studies and practical examples of students were given.
The students were extremely happy with the presentation and said that she was a wonderful speaker. This session was only for both girls and boys and their faculty members.

The session ended with vote of thanks and the participants were very happy to receive this session. The organizers wished all the best to the participants hoped that they benefited from the session. Also thanked the Institution for this opportunity to Makro Foundation. At the end resource person was thanked along with the organizers.

Outcome  :    
100  students and 10  faculty members were oriented First time any such session was organised for students.

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