Tips to Drive safe

  • Identify and Drive unharmed through safe, unsafe and dangerous
  • Acquire skill to handle road range,auto theft and vehicle's involments in heinous offences



Prevention of Death through Accidents

Safety on Road Traffic means to safely drive on road to ensure that there is no harm or the driver of vehicle do not cause any harm to any other vehicle moving near by it.In other words reduction of accidents on roads due to proper driving. Road traffic crashes are one of the world’s largest public health and injury prevention problems. The problem is all the more acute because the victims are overwhelmingly healthy prior to their crashes. According to the World Health Organization more than a million people are killed on the world’s roads each year.

Accidents, tragically, are not often due to ignorance, but are due to carelessness, thoughtlessness and over confidence. William Haddon (Head of Road Safety Agency in USA) has pointed out that road accidents were associated with numerous problems like human, vehicle and environmental factors play roles before, during and after a trauma event. Incidentally, India holds the dubious distinction of registering the highest number of road accidents in the world.

  • According to the experts at the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NTPRC) the number of road accidents in India is three times higher than that prevailing in developed countries. The number of accidents for 1000 vehicles in India is as high as 35 while the figure ranges from 4 to 10 in developed countries.
  • Traffic experts are alarmed over the shooting trend of fatalities on roads between 2003 and 2008, and progressive states having a significant share of road fatalities. While the toll was only 84,430 in 2003, it crossed 1.18 lakh in 2008, an increase of nearly 40%. Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu reported 12%, 11% and 10.8% of total road accident deaths in the country

To deal adequately with the traffic problems, threats of vehicular accidents and prevent death through accidents  Makro Foundation has initiated its focus in this area through a multi-disciplinary approach.   “ Let us join hands to make Safety on Roads as everybody’s priority.”


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