Positive Thoughts

Be yourself no matter what other people think,God made you for a reason Besides an original is always an worth more than a copy

About the  Makro Foundation 

Science and Technology advancements in the medical field have had many positive impacts on society today. People are living together longer, developing new ways of doing things,advancement and innovative medicines are saving lives and curing diseases that were once thought to be impossible to cure, and improving daily life. The improvements in medicine, especially, owe credit to technology. Today, technology plays an important role in the field of medicine and will continue to be so in the years to come.

However, science and medicine advancements have not been able to curb the damage that is caused by suicides or accidents on the road, or hunger, or other avoidable mishaps. Sometimes  the extent of damage is such that it causes death. People and society treat them as neglected problems because they are seemingly less informed, less educated, or are unaware about the problem and its consequences, not well motivated, and are grossly uninformed about the gravity of the issues. This needs immediate attention and there has not been significant progress in this direction. As a result, it is harming the lives of people all over the world in countless ways.

It has become mandatory now to share, educate, and support individuals with helpful information about problems, issues, and practices that affect our physical, mental, emotional,social, and spiritual well-being and avert a possible man-made epidemic.

In order to educate and support individuals and also to limit the potential for ignorance and psychological problems in the longer run, Makro Foundation (MaFo) has been set up by the Makro Group.