Positive Thoughts

"Never forget Three Type of people in your life. 1. Who helped you in your difficult time. 2. Who left you in your difficult times. 3. Who put you in difficult time "

1) Makro Foundation has been awarded the finalist in CRISIL Medicall Health Care Innovation Awards 2012 in the Corporate Social Responsibility Category.



2) Makro Foundation has been appreciated for participating in World Suicide Prevention Day 10th September 2011.


3)Makro Foundation has been awarded the finalist 3nd National Stress Management Award 2015

The news brings gush of warmth and happiness in the November chill morning. The Makro Foundation, the charity social responisbility wing of Makro has been recognized as the winner of the 3nd National Stress Management Award 2015 for their relentless awareness programs to the community irrespective of age, class or gender. Stress and depression are most perilous in today’s fast moving world which is giving rise to many other illnesses.
Makro Foundation team conducts regularly voluntary stress management training programs in different schools, colleges, corporate houses and community centers every month. They connect with all segments by their reach out campaigns in different public places. This award will bring more confidence to the team to carry on their activities to help people come out of the depression and stress related aspects. Kudos the Makro Group’s Management and Makro Foundation team for their unremitting service to the Society.