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 Focus Area

Often,the tragic burden of death due to suicide or accidents is high on the people who are directly affected. The affect could be either  physically or  psychologically and also it impacts the families, friends, and communities they were related to. According to the Accidental and Suicide Clock 2007 report of National Crime records Bureau it has been estimated that there are 1270 Deaths per day due to Accidents & Suicides in India- ie 934 Deaths per day due to Accidents, 336 Deaths due to Suicides per day. Research has shown that most of these deaths can be prevented if the person can be provided timely assistance. 

In order to curb the death though these avoidable mishaps, Makro Foundation has been sensitive to this issue and its main focus has been prevention of death through avoidable mishap like Suicidal Death, Accidental Deaths and Secondary focus is Hunger elimination and education.

Makro hopes to build a good rapport with organization working in this area and increase coordination and cooperation between NGOs and the public sector to expand and deepen their participation. MaFo also plans to work with organizations and institutions to address loopholes in this critical area of prevention of death.