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Events on Role of youth to prevent Suicide [ Back ]

Sat 04.09 - Sat 04.09.2010
11:00 to 04:00
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Report of Event and Competition



The event started with::  (1) Elocution competition on Role of Youth in preventing Suicide. There were 30 participants, Judges were Ms. Sujatha, Mrs. Vanila Bhaskaran. Prizes:

  • M.S.W.  Rosy 1st Prize, 2nd Prize Narendar
  • B.S.W -Sujith 1st Prize and Praneeth 2nd prize.

(2)Followed by Slogan Competition- 15 people, Telugu and English… Judges were Ms. Sujatha, Mrs. Vanila Bhaskaran (3) Poster Competition on Role of Youth in preventing Suicide. There were 25 participants.

Prizes: Ms.  Noorjahan 1st Prize, Syed 2nd Prize, 3rd Prize Sr. Sunitha

Consolation Prize Ms. Rajini Priya.

Special Prize to Ms. Sonal from Makro Foundation..

 Symposium on Role of Youth in order to prevent Suicide on 4th September 2010.  

 The symposium was organized by Makro foundation in collaboration with Roda Mistry College. The guests were: Dr. Vailla Bhaskaran and resource person was Doctor.


Total Students: 80 Participants from BSW.


Along with resource persons various students also spoke about the issue.

Summary of the program....


4/9/201012:00 pm-1: 30 pmSymposium on Role of Youth to prevent Suicide Clinical Psychologist 150 students and teachers  participated in the program and role of youth to prevent suicide would be chalked out. 
4/9/20102:00 pm-3: 30 pm Poster competition Elocution,Slogan competition on world suicide weekRoda Mistry College of Social work 100 students BSW & MSW





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