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Stress Management Session in January 2011 [ Back ]

Sun 02.01 - Mon 31.01.2011
00:00 to 00:00
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 Stress Management Session for January 2011 -----Total: 11 programs on Stress Management with 10 school covering 794 students.

6/1/11Oxford Mission High School40, 10th students
6/1/11Govt. High School, Galbal Rd, Tadband165 students
7/1/11M.S. Grammer High School40 students
10/1/11Little Century High School47 students, 10th
10/1/11M.A. Ideal High school110 students, 10th class
13/1/11St. Neha High school40 students, X & IX class
13/1/11Holy Joseph High School55 students IXth &X class,
18/1/11St. Hill school100 IX ,Xth students
19/1/11Rain bow school3 sessions-40-Ixth class110-Xth class student
20/1/11Stress Management to Teachers and students 45 Teachers &50 students from 20 schools.
21/1/2011Govt. School Begumpet47 Xth class students