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"Never forget Three Type of people in your life. 1. Who helped you in your difficult time. 2. Who left you in your difficult times. 3. Who put you in difficult time "


July 11 Summary of Stress Mgt Prog [ Back ]

Fri 01.07 - Sat 30.07.2011
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STRESS MGT SESSION JULY 2011 -1637 from 29 institutions _ 90 women


DateInstitute NameTarget group
1/7/2011ALI ZAFAR HIGH SCHOOLPurana Haveli   IXth and Xth80 students.
1/7/2011ZPHS, KothagudaIXth class students, 64 students
2/7/2011Princess Eison Jr.  College for Women Purana Haveli, Intermediate Students-178
2/7/2011Community Meeting25 ICDS women workers
2/7/2011ICDS Women Self Help Group Meeting25 women
4/7/2011Zeal Grammar High SchoolHafez Baba NagarIXth and Xth class, -40 students
4/7/2011St. Dawood Talent SchoolHafez Baba NagarIXth and Xth class, -35students
4/7/2011St. Angels High School, Hafez Baba NagarIXth and Xth 40 students
7/7/2011Genius High School Chandulal baradari 82 students, IXth and Xth
7/7/2011LORDS Model SchoolChandulal Baradari60 students IXth and Xth
7/7/2011Pioneer High SchoolMisri Ganj60 students –IXth and Xth
7/7/2011ZPHS Govt High School, Panjagutta 35 students-9th class
11/7/2011Sultan Ul. Uloom High School Falaknuma IXth and Xth –100 students
11/7/2011Govt. High School Jangammet, Falaknuma 65 + 60 IX th and Xth students
12/7/2011ZPHS, Yellareddy guda36 students of IXth class
12/7/2011Grace Public School, Vattapalli- Falaknuma IXth and Xth 40 students
12/7/2011Holy Joseph High SchoolVattapalli- FalaknumaBahadurpura IXth and Xth –40 students
12/7/2011Destiny High School, VattepallyIXth and Xth –30 students
16/7/11Community Meeting40 ICDS women workers
19/7/2011ZPH School Jawaharnagar65 Xth class students
19/7/2011ZPH School Panjagutta45 students
20/7/11New Rosary Convent High School 60 Xth class students
20/7/2011Zehra Mission School60
20/7/11Radiant Mission School70
21/7/11MESCO Grades High School1009th & 10th class students
21/7/11Aahad High School709th & 10th class students
21/7/11Grace Model High School100 students
28/7/11Royat Mission High School120  9th & 10th class students
28/7/11The Golden Jubilee English High School80 9th & 10th class students (A&B sections)