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July 11 Summary of Stress Mgt Prog [ Back ]

Fri 01.07 - Sat 30.07.2011
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STRESS MGT SESSION JULY 2011 -1637 from 29 institutions _ 90 women


DateInstitute NameTarget group
1/7/2011ALI ZAFAR HIGH SCHOOLPurana Haveli   IXth and Xth80 students.
1/7/2011ZPHS, KothagudaIXth class students, 64 students
2/7/2011Princess Eison Jr.  College for Women Purana Haveli, Intermediate Students-178
2/7/2011Community Meeting25 ICDS women workers
2/7/2011ICDS Women Self Help Group Meeting25 women
4/7/2011Zeal Grammar High SchoolHafez Baba NagarIXth and Xth class, -40 students
4/7/2011St. Dawood Talent SchoolHafez Baba NagarIXth and Xth class, -35students
4/7/2011St. Angels High School, Hafez Baba NagarIXth and Xth 40 students
7/7/2011Genius High School Chandulal baradari 82 students, IXth and Xth
7/7/2011LORDS Model SchoolChandulal Baradari60 students IXth and Xth
7/7/2011Pioneer High SchoolMisri Ganj60 students –IXth and Xth
7/7/2011ZPHS Govt High School, Panjagutta 35 students-9th class
11/7/2011Sultan Ul. Uloom High School Falaknuma IXth and Xth –100 students
11/7/2011Govt. High School Jangammet, Falaknuma 65 + 60 IX th and Xth students
12/7/2011ZPHS, Yellareddy guda36 students of IXth class
12/7/2011Grace Public School, Vattapalli- Falaknuma IXth and Xth 40 students
12/7/2011Holy Joseph High SchoolVattapalli- FalaknumaBahadurpura IXth and Xth –40 students
12/7/2011Destiny High School, VattepallyIXth and Xth –30 students
16/7/11Community Meeting40 ICDS women workers
19/7/2011ZPH School Jawaharnagar65 Xth class students
19/7/2011ZPH School Panjagutta45 students
20/7/11New Rosary Convent High School 60 Xth class students
20/7/2011Zehra Mission School60
20/7/11Radiant Mission School70
21/7/11MESCO Grades High School1009th & 10th class students
21/7/11Aahad High School709th & 10th class students
21/7/11Grace Model High School100 students
28/7/11Royat Mission High School120  9th & 10th class students
28/7/11The Golden Jubilee English High School80 9th & 10th class students (A&B sections)