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Stress Management Session -World Suicide Prevention Week 12 [ Back ]

Sat 01.09 - Sat 01.09.2012
00:00 to 00:00
Vikarabad, RR District
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 Session on1st September 2012 at Vikarabad    Report PDF

DateTimeProgramSpeaker/Resource Person/GuestOutcome
1/9/201210:00 am-5:00 pmSuicide Prevention Program in Schools and College of Vikarabad Mandal-Rural Area  MaFo volunteer. 488 students got Awareness about suicide prevention and reduce the stigma attached to this issue. 1.       Zilla Parishad High School-Angadichittampalli-75- Ms. Rani2.       Nava Chaitanya HS-127-Ms. Rani and Ms. Aparna 3.       Govt High School-Allampally-84-Mr. Benarji Boda 4.       Govt High School –Vikarabad-52-Mr. Benarji Boda 5.       Siddhartha Jr. College-150-Ms. Aparna G.  

The session started with a round of Introduction of Guests, Faculty members. Followed by an Introduction about Makro Foundation-its goal and objectives by Resource Persons.
 Session on Stress Management
1. What is Stress?
2. How to identify stress
3. Symptoms of Stress
4. Tips to manage stress
5. Symptoms of Depression and what one should do if they find any one
Conclusion:  This session concluded with Open House for questions and answers and summarization with handouts.