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"Never forget Three Type of people in your life. 1. Who helped you in your difficult time. 2. Who left you in your difficult times. 3. Who put you in difficult time "


College Students -Suicide and Stress Mgt-World Sui Prev Wk 12 [ Back ]

Thu 06.09 - Thu 06.09.2012
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 REPORT ON STRESS MANAGEMENT TO GOVT COLLEGE & ST. ANNS COLLEGE.                                                            Report PDF

6/9/2012 12:00 pm-1:00 pmGovt Degree and Junior College. Khairatabad  St. Anns Degree College Mrs Angela David   MaFo Volunteer 75 Students   50 Students  







The session started with an introduction about Resource Person and organization. Then she talked about the following
What is Stress?
Stress is the effects that life events create on us, Stress cannot be seen like air but we can feel it. Stress can come from various situations like illness, death, relationship issues, that are faced at various stages of life.GOOD News is Stress can be handled, and one is provided with strong body and mind that are designed to cope with Stress.
 Headache, irritable bowel syndrome, eating disorder, allergies, insomnia, backaches, frequent cold and fatigue to diseases such as hypertension, asthma, diabetes, heart ailments and even cancer
Stress is not bad:
• It is simply part of life; it will be with us as long as we live, will end when our life ends.We need to know how to manage stress and not run away from it.
• Gaining knowledge helps to handle stress.
• Family and friends also face stress. It is important to be alert to the symptoms in order to cope with it adequately.If we are aware, we can be of help, in reaching out to  them in dealing with stress.
 Management of Stress :Important to do the following :
 Daily assessment of stress in life?
 How long has this issue been going on and how bad is it?
  How is it affecting me physically emotionally and mentally?
 Can I continue to function. Eg: headache
Three important aspects to it:
1. Recognizing when stress is becoming an issue in your life.
2. Understand the aspects of stress.
1. Keeping things in perspective, Taking responsibility
2. Deciding to survive. Eg: write down every day good things in your diary.When we are blaming others, we are distributing our power.  Its very difficult situation, life is larger than subjects.  Think positively.
   Taking steps to what is needed in or to handle.
1. Setting achievable goals. Doing what needs to be done, having a plan and following it through..Starting from where you are and not where you wish you were. Then she gave some tips and cleared the doubts of the students. Session ended with Vote of thanks