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Stress management Sessions in March 2012 [ Back ]

Thu 01.03 - Sat 31.03.2012
00:00 to 00:00
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Stress Management Sessions in March 2012--Total 1424 people covered-students and general people.

Sl.No.Name of the college/ School/Anganwadi MeetingsDateNo of Students ParticipatedSession Taken ByTarget Gp
1St.Maaz High School1/3/2012150Ms. Rani8th, 9th & 10th class students
2Discovery Talent High School1/3/201255Ms. Rani8th, 9th & 10th class students
3Golden Jublee English High School1/3/201245Ms. Rani8th, 9th & 10th class students
4Sahara High School1/3/201260Ms. Rani8th, 9th & 10th class students
5St.Anns High School3/3/201275Ms. Aparna8th & 9th class students
6Sabdaria High School3/3/2012250Ms. Aparna10th class students
7Women's Day Meeting7/3/201260Ms. AparnaWomen
8Imam Baksh Memorial High School7/3/201270Ms. Aparna10th Class students
9Scholar's Model High School7/3/201280Ms. Aparna10th class students
10Geetanjali High School13/3/1225Ms. Aparna8th and 9th class 
11Zam Zam High School14/3/1272Ms. Rani8th & 9th students
12Bilal High School14/3/1222Ms. Rani9th Class students
13St.Stephen's High School15/3/1250Ms. Aparna9th Class students
14Shivdat Rai High School16/3/1240Ms. Rani8th & 9th class students
15UNHRC, health Camp and Monthly meeting20/3/12 Ms. Aparnamen/women
16Womens Meeting20/3/201280Ms. Aparna/Ms. Ranimen/women
17Brilliant Mission High School28/3/1250Ms. Rani 
18IQRA Mission High School28/3/1260Ms. Rani9th class
19Govt., High School29/3/1290Ms. Aparna8th & 9th class students
20Madina Mission School29/3/1245Ms.Aparna9th Class students
21Kilpatrick Mission High School29/3/1245Ms.Aparna9th Class students