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"Never forget Three Type of people in your life. 1. Who helped you in your difficult time. 2. Who left you in your difficult times. 3. Who put you in difficult time "


Stress Management Session October 12 [ Back ]

Mon 01.10 - Wed 31.10.2012
00:00 to 00:00
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 In the month of October 7 Institutions covering 539 people were covered.

Makro Tech 1/10/2012150Stress ManagementDr. B K KumarCorporate Staff
Gems High School3/10/20122117Stress ManagementAparna9th & 10th class students
New Model High School3/10/20121100Stress ManagementAparna9th & 10th class students
The Royal Co-educational Academy High School3/10/2012180Stress ManagementAparna9th & 10th class students
New Generation College5/10/20121100Stress ManagementMs. Angela JanetDegree 1st year students
Visionary Degree College9/10/2012185Stress ManagementAparnaDegree students
Govt., ZP  High School30/10/12157Intellectual TestDoctor10th class students