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Stress Mgt Program -Nov 12 [ Back ]

Thu 01.11 - Fri 30.11.2012
00:00 to 00:00
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In Nov 12 total 14 Institutions covering 877 People under Stress Management training program.

Name of InstitutionDateNo of SessionTotal participantsSession Taken ByClass
Govt., ZP  High School1/11/2012147Mr. Venkatsubbaiah10th class students
Princess Esion Jr. College2/11/2012150AparnaIntermediate
Panchaseela High School3/11/2012186Rani10th class students
Police Staff9/11/2012140Mr. VenkatsubbaiahPolice Staff
Freedom Foundation10/11/2012140Ms. Angela DavidStaff & Children
Govt., ZP  High School19/11/12183Rani9th class students
Govt., ZP  High School20/11/12188Rani10th class students
Firdous High School20/11/12170Aparna9th & 10th class students
The Sahara High School20/11/12170Aparna9th & 10th class students
Govt., High School22/11/12187Benarji9th class students
SLN High School22/11/12148Benarji9th class students
Al-Jaffer High School30/11/12178Rani9th & 10th class students
Ahle-Bait(Institute) High School30/11/12150Rani10th Class students