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Fri 01.02 - Thu 28.02.2013
00:00 to 00:00
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Stress Mgt Session -Feb 2013

Institution NameDateAreaTotal No covTopicResource PersonTarget Group
Govt., High School1/2/2013Shapoornagar125Stress managementRani9th & 10th class students
Sri Sai Ram High School5/2/2013Krishna Nagar90Stress managementRani9th class A & B section students
Sri Sai Ram High School6/2/2013Krishna Nagar210Stress managementBenarji9th class C,D,E,F section students
Good Shepered High School7/2/2013Krishna Nagar44Stress managementBenarji9th & 10th class students
Sri Sai Ram High School9/2/2013Krishna Nagar370Stress managementAparna10th class students
Vivekananda High School11/2/2013RC Puram150Stress managementRani9th & 10th class students
Vidhyaniketan High School13/2/13Secunderabad45Stress ManagementBenarji9th & 10th class students
Shiwaji Vidhyapet18/2/13Jubli Hills17Stress managementBenarji 10th class students
Govt., Degree College18/2/13Khairatabad55Stress ManagementMs. Angela JanetDegree students and Teachers
ZPH Govt., High School19/2/13 & 20/2/13Ameerpet70Stress ManagementRani9th class students
ZPH Govt., High School 20/2/13Ameerpet33Stress ManagementBenarji9th class students
BVNS High School21/2/13Khairatabad Head Office & Krishnanagar Branch45Stress managementBenarji9th & 10th class students
Rock Well International26/2/13Hitechcity50Stress/Women related issuesDr. B.K.KumarWomen
Community Meeting27/2/13Suraram Colony50Stress managementRaniWomen