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"Never forget Three Type of people in your life. 1. Who helped you in your difficult time. 2. Who left you in your difficult times. 3. Who put you in difficult time "


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Fri 01.02 - Thu 28.02.2013
00:00 to 00:00
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Stress Mgt Session -Feb 2013

Institution NameDateAreaTotal No covTopicResource PersonTarget Group
Govt., High School1/2/2013Shapoornagar125Stress managementRani9th & 10th class students
Sri Sai Ram High School5/2/2013Krishna Nagar90Stress managementRani9th class A & B section students
Sri Sai Ram High School6/2/2013Krishna Nagar210Stress managementBenarji9th class C,D,E,F section students
Good Shepered High School7/2/2013Krishna Nagar44Stress managementBenarji9th & 10th class students
Sri Sai Ram High School9/2/2013Krishna Nagar370Stress managementAparna10th class students
Vivekananda High School11/2/2013RC Puram150Stress managementRani9th & 10th class students
Vidhyaniketan High School13/2/13Secunderabad45Stress ManagementBenarji9th & 10th class students
Shiwaji Vidhyapet18/2/13Jubli Hills17Stress managementBenarji 10th class students
Govt., Degree College18/2/13Khairatabad55Stress ManagementMs. Angela JanetDegree students and Teachers
ZPH Govt., High School19/2/13 & 20/2/13Ameerpet70Stress ManagementRani9th class students
ZPH Govt., High School 20/2/13Ameerpet33Stress ManagementBenarji9th class students
BVNS High School21/2/13Khairatabad Head Office & Krishnanagar Branch45Stress managementBenarji9th & 10th class students
Rock Well International26/2/13Hitechcity50Stress/Women related issuesDr. B.K.KumarWomen
Community Meeting27/2/13Suraram Colony50Stress managementRaniWomen