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Face Exam Effectively-Campaign [ Back ]

Wed 15.01 - Fri 28.02.2014
00:00 to 00:00
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Makro Foundation has initiated a Campaign" Face Exam Effectively" from 15th January 2014- 28th February 2014.

 The objective is to:

1) To create awareness amongst students on the signs of stress of  examinations which is built naturally.

2) To  learn how to manage stress.

3) To help parents/caretakers facilitate healthy coping and preparation for examinations 

Outcome: Students will be helped to give it their best and write exams with positive stress and reach optimum potential and avoid negative stress...


  • Articles on various articles related to subject
  • Online awareness, social marketing, reaching out to different students group,parent group, institution and management
  • Session with 9th and 10th grade school students, college students..