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Be yourself no matter what other people think,God made you for a reason Besides an original is always an worth more than a copy


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Our Events
Wed 08.09.2010Stress Management for St. Maria InstitutionHyderabad
Thu 09.09.2010Stress Management for UnreachedAmeerpet
Fri 10.09.2010Awareness about Suicide Prevention helpdesk at public places Hyderabad
Sat 25.09.2010Session for Students in Junior College Mehdipatnam
Wed 29.09.2010Session on Stress Management Falaknuma
Fri 01.10 - Sat 30.10.2010Stress Management session in October 2010Hyderabad
Mon 01.11 - Tue 30.11.2010Stress Management session Hyderabad
Wed 01.12 - Thu 30.12.2010Stress management SessionHyderabad
Sun 02.01 - Mon 31.01.2011Stress Management Session in January 2011Hyderabad
Tue 01.02 - Mon 28.02.2011Stress Management Sessions Feb 2011Hyderabad
Tue 01.03 - Thu 31.03.2011March stress management students Hyderabad
Wed 01.06 - Thu 30.06.2011Summary Stress Mgt Session in June 2011 Hyderabad
Wed 22.06 - Thu 30.06.2011June Stress management Session summary Hyderabad
Fri 01.07 - Sat 30.07.2011July 11 Summary of Stress Mgt Prog Hyderabad
Sat 02.07 - Sat 02.07.2011Stress Management Session at New Eison College Afzalganj
Mon 01.08 - Wed 31.08.2011Stress mgt Sessions with Students Hyderabad
Thu 01.09 - Fri 30.09.2011Summary of September 2011 Stress Mgt SessionHyderabad
Sun 04.09 - Sat 10.09.2011Highlight of Suicide Prevention week Activity 2011Hyderabad
Tue 06.09.2011Workshop on Suicide and its Prevention at Roda Mistry College ofGachibowli
Wed 07.09.2011Stress Management Program at Government High School Yusufguda
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